Is Your Modeling Being Seen...

Let me state clearly, I am not affiliated with any model, talent agency or school. I do have some agency contacts, but I don't derive money for those relationships; I can help assemble materials needed by agencies. In working with models, I only try to help them get to the door; getting a foot, head or body in that door is left up to the agency, model and the relationship they establish going forward.

I am a photographer. My goal is to provide excellent images and promotional materials that models can use to get noticed. Being noticed is what modeling is all about. Having talked to agents, models do not need professional head-shots or portfolios to get started. But...and this is a big but...wouldn't you imagine that a good, well-made head-shot will get you further than a snapshot taken by a friend.

Just Beginning to Modeling?

If you're just starting out, you'll need to come to the studio to start a profile. We'll shoot some images, complete a profile sheet and, if applicable, schedule an initial shoot. The images will not be portfolio images. They will be used to evaluate the type of modeling for which you might best be suited. These are done without makeup. You're encouraged to bring a friend of the same sex or a parent/guardian.